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Bubble-magus Mini80

Bubble-magus Mini80

78,00 € IVA incl.

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Mini 80 multi function filter

Small volume, high use of mini filter, a new evolution

* excellent design, exquisite workmanship

* has the quick disassembling structure, easy to clean

* filter plate hole diameter smaller so that the filter is not easy to leak

* use original sponge can be used for ROWA fine filter, remove the sponge can be used for the BIO PELLETS filter

* contains the ATMAN PH500 pump, disposable loading 500ml "magic beans" Bio pellets

Small  Filter 80
Pump ; ATMAN PH500 
.product size: 115*115*435 mm(4.52" * 4.52 * 17.1")
capacity:100-1300ML(0.02G-0.34G) filter stuff.
Used for some different filter stuff ,example: Rowa ,charcoal and so on